A celebration of innovation and excellence in video marketing, the VM360 Awards will be judged entirely by brand marketers. From best use of technology in cross-platform video planning, to best integration of multicultural stories within a video plan, to best use of data driven creative to drive sales and ROI, to the 2019 video innovators of the year—there will be a category to celebrate all of the talented minds shaping the present and future of video marketing.




Review Categories

Best Integration of Multicultural Stories within Video Plan

Celebrates successful and authentic connectivity of nuanced cultural experience to video planning

Best Use of Video Innovation

This award recognizes the most innovative use of insight, creative, environment, measurement, data, and technology to lead the market in video execution

Best Non-Conventional Video Plan Recommendation

Recognizes the use of emerging video environments and experiences to deliver market leading innovation and results

Best Cross Device Creative Storytelling Campaign

Showcases the effective use of narrative to connect the brand’s core value with that of the consumer, seamlessly, across devices.

Best Use of Technology in Cross Platform Video Measurement

Celebrates the use of existing and emerging measurement capabilities to deliver holistic business and performance insights across video platforms.

Best Use of Technology in Cross Platform Marketing

Recognizes the skill of technology application in elevating video planning to bridge the cross-platform divides.

Best Integration of LGBTQ Stories within Video Plan

Celebrates successful and authentic connectivity of sexual identity and pride to video planning and consumer experience

Best Cause or Community Driven Campaign

Showcases the use of video to create change and positively impact culture, community and environment

Gardener Award (Successful Navigation of Walled Data)

Observes successful navigation of walled data access to effectively deliver holistic, data driven video planning and execution

Best Use of Data Driven Creative to Drive Sales and ROI

Acknowledges success in aligning marketing level data to creative distribution and consumer connectivity to drive measurable business results

Best Shopper Marketing Video Plan

Celebrates video planning efforts that have produced benefit across the spectrum of retail media stakeholder value – brand, consumer, and retailers

Best Use of User Generated Content Video

Celebrates innovative use of UGC to drive impact with consumers, while leading the way in brand safety, data privacy, fraud protection and user experience

Best Use of Custom Content as Part of a Holistic Video Strategy

Highlights the best use of insights to create and deliver consumer centric content – built for the strengths of video platforms

Silver Bullet Technology Award

Technology partner best poised to revolutionize holistic video planning

Best in Show Award

The overall most impressive strategic connection of data, creative, and media placement to deliver video performance results

Who to Watch – Rising Stars in Video Marketing

Associate Director to VP level who demonstrates the following qualities:
o Proven leadership skills
o An infectious passion for video marketing
o Emotional intelligence and compassion within the workplace
o Authentic and original thinking within his or her work
o Notable and differentiating contribution to the growth of video strategy, planning and execution

Women Advancement Award

Recognizing an organization that actively supports the development and establishment of women in senior leadership roles, and demonstrates best practices in diversity and inclusion throughout their organization.

The winning organization will demonstrate its journey towards inclusion and diversity, showing that it not only has women in senior leadership roles but also has a clear strategy and plan to continue/grow that trend.



The VM360 Awards are open to marketers, agencies, partners and suppliers involved in video marketing campaigns. International entries are welcome. Campaigns must have launched or debuted between July 1, 2018 and August 15, 2019. Entrants may submit as many campaigns into as many categories.

Judging Criteria

The VM360 Awards is the only video marketing recognition program scored entirely by brand-side marketers. Two dozen judges will score all categories. In each, a gold, silver and bronze winner will be selected. The numerical score-carding judges all entries on: Creative and relevant idea, Succinct and deployable strategy, Flawless execution, Tangible results.

Winners will be announced live onstage November 13 at the VM360 Awards Gala in Austin, held in conjunction with Video Marketing 360. Winners will also be featured in awards coverage distributed across VMA Media and Chief Marketer content channels. All told, coverage will reach more than one million marketers.



Regular Deadline:


Entries received before midnight ET on September 12 are $345 each.

Late Deadline:


Entries received after September 12 are $475 each.


Entering the VM360 Awards is even easier when you prepare your submission items in advance. See below for what you’ll need to have for each entry. Note: We suggest you save all entry content to a word document and then copy and paste from that doc into the VM360 Award entry system.

1. Submitter company information (the entering company’s name, address, etc.)

2. Primary entry contact (the point person for all entry details)

3. Brand-side client reference contact: name, title, phone, email (clients may be contacted by judges to confirm a specific detail or answer a question)

4. Answers to the entry questions (see below)

5. Hi-res brand logo (for the brand associated with the campaign)

6. Up to 6 photos (15 MB file size limit each)

7. Highly recommended: Campaign Recap Video (100 MB file size limit)


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The questions you’ll need to answer for each entry are listed below. We suggest that you make your answers as succinct as possible. Note that word limits are not the suggested length—they are the maximum allowable length for each answer.

1. Please provide the campaign title and run dates.

2. Describe the key marketing challenge your submission aimed to solve (400 characters).

3. Describe why and how your submission aligns with the specific award category you have chosen (500 characters).

4. Describe the consumer, brand, category and insight that fueled your work (700 characters).

5. Please detail how your work was delivered and came to life in the marketplace. Who you worked with, what tactics were used, what technology was implemented and any other specific or unique details that clearly articulate the execution (700 characters).

6. What were the results? How did the campaign perform? Please quantify and be as specific as possible. Entries without qualified evidence will be penalized. (800 word max)

7. Please provide a 50 word summary statement of why you think your work should be recognized as best within your submitted category (350 characters).

8. Please confirm all partners, clients, suppliers and attributed parties that contributed to your work and should recognized for its success. Please upload excel sheet with name, company, role/title, and email address.

9. If the entry wins an Ex Award, what actual companies should be listed on the trophy?

10. Make sure the full team/company/department/agency/client gets the winner’s announcement if you win. Upload an excel spreadsheet with all the client and agency email addresses you want to receive the winner’s announcement. Don’t be shy: We can accept up to 1,500 email addresses.


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Our philosophy is that every video marketing campaign has a goal and measured results. Entries without any quantifiable results will be penalized. Include information on reach, lifts, sales, pipeline, buzz, media, impressions, etc. The more information you provide, the better. We understand that some campaigns are more easily measured than others but know that every program has elements that can be measured and reported.


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We encourage you to submit a thorough, well-rounded entry. We encourage you to submit up to 6 photos (15 MB upload limit each) and a campaign recap video (100 MB upload limit and highly recommended).
Acceptable file types: Brand Logo: ai, eps
Campaign Images: jpg, jpeg, png
Sizzle Video: mp4, mov



VM360 Awards winners will be announced on stage at an evening VM360 Awards Gala on November 13, held in conjunction with Video Marketing 360 at the Austin Convention Center. Tickets to Video Marketing 360 and VM360 Awards can be purchased here. Finalists will be announced early October.


Should you have an inquiry about the categories, rules or eligibility of the VM360 Awards, please contact:

Nicole Cimo